To ensure that you enjoy your round at a Tournament, Championship, Regulation, or Executive course, please observe the following regulations:

  1. Reservations are recommended. Use the Automated Reservation Line at (414) 475-6222 or make your reservation on-line. Walk-up tee times are made on a space available basis. To make a reservation for Nite-Glow Golf at Hansen or Warnimont, you must call the course.
  2. Each player in your group must have clubs, including a putter. Rental clubs are available.
  3. Spectators or non-players are NOT allowed on the course. The only exceptions are those people authorized by the Parks Dept. or caddies performing caddy duties. You must inform the golf starter if you will be using a caddie. If the caddie is discovered golfing, both you and your caddie will be asked to leave the course. The solicitation of caddie business is prohibited.
  4. You must wear suitable attire. Shirts are required. Non-metal spikes, alternative spikes, or spikeless shoes are required.
  5. NO carry-in food or beverages are allowed.
  6. Motor cars are rented based on availability. The "on-deck" golfer has priority in securing a motor car. Adaptive motor car reservations are the only requests taken in advance; please make adaptive motor car requests at least 72-hrs prior to your tee time.

    Renting a Motor Car

    • You must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid drivers license to rent or drive the motor car. Anyone under 18 may NOT drive the motor car.
    • Double-rider motor cars are limited to 2 golfers and 2 golf bags. Single-rider motor cars are limited to 1 golfer and 1 golf bag.
    • The person renting the motor car is responsible for any damage to the car or course and will be billed accordingly. Follow the instructions of the golf starter regarding any cart restrictions such as no carts on the back 9.
  7. To receive a discounted rate or to redeem coupons/special offers, you must present the coupon or offer as stated at check-in. You must present your Milwaukee County Parks Golf Discount Card to receive the associated discounts. If you do not have your Milwaukee County Parks Discount Card with you, we can verify your status as a Cardholder for a $1 fee. Keep your payment receipt with you.
  8. Obey all hole- and course-closure signage.
  9. If your group is not ready when called to the tee, you will lose your turn and must sign up for the next available tee time.
  10. The starter may determine your assignment to the first or tenth tee. Your request to start on the tenth tee may be denied in order to keep the flow of play uninterrupted. During peak periods, the starter may combine players to make up foursomes.
  11. Remain with your group throughout the round. Groups of more than 4 are NOT permitted.
  12. Keep your motor car at least 10 yards from tee boxes and greens.
  13. Replace all divots, rake all footprints in bunkers, and repair all ball marks on the green.
  14. If you fail to maintain "Pace of Play," you may be required to skip a hole(s).
  15. Display proper conduct at all times. If you violate the rules or disturb other guests with obnoxious behavior, damage to the course, failure to follow course design on a hole-to-hole basis, or other disruptive behavior, you will be asked to leave the course.
  16. Return all rented clubs, bags, pull carts, and motor car keys to the starter.
  17. Report all accidents or injuries to the starter immediately
  18. If conditions warrant—as determined by the starter—he/she will issue a raincheck if you present your receipt during the time of interrupted play.