Course conditions for   
Monday, March 27th,  2017

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( Yes/ No)
 Carts Running  Notes Reservations
  Front 9 Back 9 Yes/No    
Brown Deer N N N CLOSED   
Currie Y Y N OPEN 414-453-7030
Doyne Y - - OPEN   
Dretzka N N N CLOSED   
Grant Y Y N OPEN 414-762-4646
Greenfield N N N CLOSED  
Hansen N N N CLOSED  
Lake Park N N - CLOSED   
Lincoln Y - N OPEN 414-962-2400
Madison N -   CLOSED   
Noyes Park Y - - OPEN   
Oakwood N N N CLOSED  
Warnimont N N N CLOSED   
Whitnall Y Y N OPEN 414-425-7931
Zablocki Y - - OPEN